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CPBN Media Lab teams with the PBS NewsHour Student Reporting Labs
Training Student Journalists
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The CPBN Media Lab is mentoring three Connecticut High Schools in an exciting citizen journalist pilot program. The PBS NewsHour Student Reporting Labs combine individual classrooms with local area journalists, and the national NewsHour Team.

"Thank you for all of your help."
- Jeanne Bissonnette, Crosby High School

"I am so glad the CPBN Media Lab was asked to join this PBS NewsHour pilot program, said Paul Pfeffer, manager of online content for CPBN, While we primarily train undergraduate and post-graduate college students, the chance to influence an even younger generation of citizen journalists is very exciting."  

The Connecticut students join their peers from Washington, DC, Philadelphia, PA, Salt Lake City, UT. and Austin, TX. The CPBN Media Lab is working closely with Digital Media Program Specialist Matthew Worwood at Education Connection’s Center for 21st Century Skills to coordinate the program. 

The Connecticut schools are Hill Regional Career High School, New Haven, Crosby High School, Waterbury and Terryville High School, Terryville.

The CPBN Media Lab has produced original Journalism skills PowerPoint presentations, delivered via Web-Ex, which included interactive online journalism games from Poyntner.org. The Media Lab has also conducted sessions with Skype and participated in a national conference call with the student reporting labs, mentors and the PBS NewsHour team.

CPBN Media Lab PowerPoint

"There was a lot of good information in there. It was very cool, and a unique experience for many of my students."
- Dan Oleksiw, Terryville High School

Funded by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, the PBS NewsHour Student Reporting Labs is a project that examines how broadband connectivity, open-source platforms, and public media can help to produce an informed and engaged public.

The project runs from February 2010 to January 2011. NewsHour journalists provide footage, sources and industry mentors for the Student Reporting Lab. Over the course of the project, students develop and report on three topics, using video, blogs and podcasts to showcase their final products.

Final reports will be featured on the NewsHour Web site, YouTube and other venues. The student video news reports will also be submitted to the CT Student Film Festival, which takes place on May 7th in Danbury.