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Day One at the Festival!
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Behind the Scenes of my first day with the Connecticut Film Festival


 Hey guys!

It's 10:30 am on June 3rd and I'm currently sitting in my car in a parking garage in Danbury. The Danbury Public Library, where I was planning on working, doesn't open until 1:00 pm on Wednesday's, so I'm resorting to other measures.

Driving into downtown Danbury you'd never suspect that the film festival had it's opening night premiere last night. Traffic flows easily down Main Street, and it's only clear that a festival is even in town when you get to the intersection of Liberty and Main. Banners adorn the City Center box offices and colorful posters showcasing upcoming films fill the windows. Huge tapestry like signs proclaiming the dates and events of the festival hang from the pillars of the public library and billow in the breeze. The Palace theater, where the festival kicked off last night with the premier of "Timer", has that old time charm. Its marquee clues passerby into the events of the day. 

The films today don't begin until 3:00 pm, so if you get out of work early be sure to stop by. Dominating the schedule are a bunch of Shorts programs, including animation shorts, documentaries and comedies. And at 6:30 pm at the Palace Theater, Joey Pantoliano, star from "The Sopranos" is screening his film "No Kidding, Me Too" with a fundraiser for mental health. 

I'm working on getting an interview from Tom Carruthers, executive director of the festival, so make sure you keep checking in for the livestream posts!

Hope to see you out here!


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