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Corrupticut: A look into Connecticut politics
Men are not angels...
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Former Governor John Rowland's resignation address

Corrupticut: A look into Connecticut Politics

A CPBN Media Lab Web Original Series

Connecticut, one of the pieces that make up the jigsaw puzzle we call the 13 colonies. A state known for its wealth, foliage and the fact that that its shaped like a hitchhiker's thumb. However this state which some have called the bedrock of democracy is also known for something much darker in nature, its recent history of political corruption, to which some have likened it to that of Louisiana and that state's history of criminals in politics. We are going to gain a historical perspective and forward to take account of the effect these misdeeds have had on people's expectations of and trust in government. I’m Chris Mathews and this …is Corrupticut.

Connecticut is a state that has become under siege by a plague of shady politicians in recent years, well ok shadier then usual, who combined have committed a cornucopia of criminal offenses as well as a few things that were just not nice. These offenses have consisted of everything from racketeering, accepting bribes, pedophilia, tax fraud, conspiracy and illegal use of campaign funds.

"If men were angels we wouldn't need governments. We have governments because Men are not Angels... and so we have to keep people straight by writing laws and then trying to enforce these laws."
- Chris Collier

In order to truly understand how Connecticut has responded to this betrayal by its former elected officials, I have enlisted the help of a few professions of the political landscape. These experts include: former candidate for senate, Professor of Political Science at Fairfield University and member of the Connecticut for Lieberman, John Orman, Representative of the 25th Senatorial District, which includes Norwalk and Darien, State Senator Bob Duff, from the Connecticut House of Representatives, Representative Chris Perone, Professor and Chair of the Sacred Heart University Department of Government and Politics, Gary Rose and Professor of Political Science at Yale University, Paul Bracken.

Episode 1: History

We break into the CPTV archive for interviews with historian and author Chris Collier and William Pape II, the publisher of The Waterbury American. They recount the curious tales of Silas Deane and Sherwood Rowland.

Episode 2: Politicians

We asked Connecticut politicians to account for the corruption our state has been plauged by, although to be fair, these official misdeeds pale in comparrison to recent events in Chicago. 

Episode 3: Professors & Pundits

Political science professors from Yale University, Sacred Heart Univeristy and Fairfield University as well as the Hartford Courant's popular political satirist, assess the long and short term effects of politicians behaving badly.



Music by Mark Wolfram from his CD, "Piercing The Celluloid Veil"

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