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Corrupticut: Episode 3
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In this episode:

Political Scholars weigh in on the state's shady political history


Yale University Professor Paul Bracken

Corrupticut: A Look Into Connecticut's Politics

Episode 3: Professors and Pundits

A CPBN Media Lab Web original, Corrupticut highlights the most memorable scandals of Connecticut's storied political history. These crimes and offenses have consisted of everything from accepting bribes, to tax fraud, to child sex abuse, to illegal use of campaign funds.

In this episode we asked political science professors from Yale University, Sacred Heart University and Fairfield University as well as the Hartford Courant's popular political satirist to assess the long and short term effects of politicians behaving badly.

In this series we have taken a look at the history and effects political corruption has had on the state of Connecticut. While the violation of public trust seems to be an all to familiar occurrence with our political leaders. It is is a behavior that should not be tolerated.

One proponent of good government who was featured in this episode is the late John Orman. Orman was the head of the Fairfield University Professor John OrmanDepartment of Politics at Fairfield University where he had taught since 1978. In the summer of 2008 we were granted an interview with the late Prof. Orman. All of the materials in this documentary featuring professor Orman were derived from this one interview.

John Orman did more than teach politics. In 1984 he was the Democratic Candidate for Connecticut's Fourth Congressional District, challenging Republican incumbent Stewart McKinney. Then in 2005, Orman opposed Joseph Leiberman for the Democratic Party Senate Nomination, and later became the Chairman of the Connecticut for Leiberman party. In addition to being the author of 5 books, his students remember him fondly for the profound impact he had on many of their lives. John Orman's endeavors reached many, whether they be family, friends, or students. His memory and spirit will continue to endure in their hearts and minds.

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