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Corrupticut: Episode 2
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In this episode:

politicians speak out...


Representative Chris Perrone

Corrupticut: A Look Into Connecticut's Politics

Episode 2: Politicians

A CPBN Media Lab Web original, Corrupticut highlights the most memorable scandals of Connecticut's storied political history. These crimes and offenses have consisted of everything from accepting bribes, to tax fraud, to child sex abuse, to illegal use of campaign funds.

In this episode we asked Connecticut politicians to account for the corruption our state has been plauged by, although to be fair, these official misdeeds pale in comparrison to recent events in Chicago. Two agreed to be interviewd, State Senator Bob Duff, who represents the 25th Senatorial District, which includes Norwalk and Darien, and Representative Chris Perone from the 137th district. 

Photo Credit: Former Waterbury Mayor Joseph Santopietro - Tom Brown / Hartford Courant June 4, 2007

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