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CMS: What It Takes to Disappear
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Get lost with Colin and Senior Wired Editor Nicholas Thompson.


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Wired.com contributor Evan Ratliff has disappeared. On purpose. How hard is it to keep from getting caught, if you try to drop off the information grid? Evan’s editor from Wired visits the show along with Connecticut cyber-sleuth Bill Murray. Will TCMS producer Patrick Skahill try to fake his own death to get away from his demanding, mercurial show host?

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Listener Email from Andra

I am traveling on business and catching up on your show by podcast. 
While I consider myself a reasonably well educated and knowledgable individual I found your 9/2 show a lesson in how to protect my identities better. While the show was light and hysterically funny, there were valuable life lessons therein. Did you know your show would be a consumers protection event? My guess is no. 
Job well done. 
Thinking of a new "birthday". Will make myself younger of course.

Listener Email from Leslie

It was great to hear your voice on the radio today.  You were the only reason I ever tuned in to the radio station that will forevermore remain nameless.  Their loss is WNPR's gain. 
The historians here at WCSU are fans.


Listener Question from Matt

Are we hurtling toward a time when we deliberately create different aliases and identities that we use for certain purposes? I.e. to conduct travel, social media, business, illicit relationships, etc.