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Colin releases his inner woman.


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Sometimes they're funny -- as when they videotaped themselves trying to get through a work day while drinming as much as the characters do on Mad Men.

Sometimes they're dead serious, as when one of them recently analyzed the 72-hour news cycle of the accusations of gang rape at a Hofstra University party. They discuss real life figures like Madeleine Albright and Sonia Sotomayor and fictional ones like the title role on television's The Good Wife. They are the writers for the Double X Factor, which started as a blog on Slate.com and is spinning off into a separate enterprise.

Emily Bazelon of New Haven is one of the editors. Anna Sale, most recently seen in our WNPR newsroom, is one of the writers. Today on the show, we'll create, on the air, the kind of wide-ranging discussion that readers of the Double X  have come to know and look forward to. And you can leave remarks below or email colin@wnpr.org.

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Listener E-mail from Logan



Loved the show with the women from the XX Factor. My question was:


There seems to be a cultural understanding in America that the desired role in society is to be at work and away from the home. I was wondering how you (and your guests) felt about whether or not they had considered the men who are at work but may prefer to be at home, and why being in charge of domestic responsibilities seems so unfulfilling to some women.