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CMS: Music We Love and Hate
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Music gurus Eric Danton and Joan Holiday join us to set the record straight.


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Remember the good old days when there were basically forty songs you had to know about and any given moment.? And if one of them was Surfin Bird by the Trashmen, really you were down to 39 ...

Now, new music flies at us from unseen corners, and you're more likely to be really into an indie band whose entire fan base you know on a first name basis. How do you keep track of it all? And how do you feel when one of your little buried treasures gets really popular?

How come everybody listens to Dave Matthews and nobody listens to the Weepies?

Welcome to a highly arbitrary roundtable on pop and alternative rock featuring Eric Danton of the Hartford Courant and Joan Holiday of the Happy Club. And me. I used to have Eric's job, and I was the worst rock critic in the history of the Courant and maybe American newspapers. Leav us your comments. Dispute our opinions. Ruin our faith your casual lies ... we hate that song.

E-mail colin@wnpr.org.


Curious about the songs you heard today? Check them out below:

Sam Roberts - Them Kids

Owl City - Hot Air Balloon

Arianna Savall - Yo M'Enamori d'Un Aire

Neko Case - Middle Cyclone

A Fine Frenzy - Elements

A Fine Frenzy - Bird of the Summer

Antartica - The Weepies

Eastmountainsouth - Winter

Eastmountainsouth - Ghost

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Listener Email from Kath and Scott

So many things were missed on your show today. How about bands that should stop making new records, like Aerosmith, Kiss and the likes. I am an eclectic. My tastes range from fifties pop to death metal, new wave, punk, bluegrass, Ska, and many more. My desire and devotion for the best in each of these categories is hard set. My desire for new and old talents in each of these categories is endless. Your self description of the worlds worst rock critic  holds no value in my mind as I was convinced by an article in Rolling Stone to purchase two CDs by the band My Morning Jacket, faced with the prospect of seeing them open for Pearljam, and the overly stunning review from their "critic". They are in my mind, one of the worst bands I have ever heard, and their abilities to pull together a pleasurable listening experience is moot. Anyway, I didn't just want to be a caller on this program, but would have appreciated being part of the elite present at this taping. It was a great show and I believe would have been better served with additional time.

Listener E-mail from Win

Hey: really enjoyed it today = Joan should be a regular, she has a view & wunderbar voice.

Win from Burlington

Wading Through ...

Great show. 

One question, as a music lover, how can we wade through all of the available sources of music, critics, blogs, streams, podcasts, band sites, TV sites, NPR's musical interludes, advertising music sites, etc, etc......to find music I love..  There is no common distiller any more, it's so hard for me to find all sources and I get a constant feeling of missing some great music?


Andrew Bird -

Have you heard of him—amazing!  


One Cell in the Sea

That's the Allison Sudol CD—A Fine Frenzy. Unbelievably good.


Listener E-mail from Kristen

Hi guys,
enjoying my day off- great show! Some of my favorite singer/songwriters are linked below: ( btw, the first two are CANADIAN) and I am American.

Kathleen Edwards   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=giOzzfg2E2k&feature=fvst

Annabelle Chochevski    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1y4_BnkjsF8
Lisbeth Scott ---http://www.youtube.com/lisbethscott

Peace !

Listener E-mail from Jim

howdy to you all and thanks for
demolishing our work day.  We're trying to master a record but now we have to listen to you guys.  Is this custom made for us dweebs?

This record will never get done.....oh, wait!  Gotta run, here comes Kanye!

from geek world,

jim chapdelaine