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CMS: Where's My Money?
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The market continues to struggle, but what do big picture economics mean to you?


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OK, I admit it. I'm one of those liberal arts guys who, for many years, just didn't deal in any significant way with money, except in this Freud and Norman O. Brown driven way that amounted to not acknowledging its importance.

Actually, I'm still not persuaded I was wrong, but as we grow older, we have to face the fact that either we plan our financial reality or it plans us. In the latter case, the result are almost never pretty.

Lately, for a lot of us it feel like there are no right answers. Which is actually sort of gratifying if, for most of your life, you felt like there WERE right answers and you just didn't know them.

So, today we're doing a show about money, and I promise you that, if a lot of this stuff typically eludes you, well, it eludes me too, so let's make sure we understand what all these hotshots like Adam Davidson are telling us. This is money class for us slow kids.

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