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CMS: The Word Guy
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Word guru Robert Kyff sets the record straight on language, its uses and its misues.


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To who it may concern. Today's show is comprised of complaints about grammar and usage, and et cetera and so forth.

Clearly, it is going to be better than any of the other shows on this station were today. (That's a reference to a listener complaint that people use the word "clearly" to precede statements that are not at all clear or resolved and are in fact matters of vast contention.)

Anyway, that begs the question, whom is going to take a decision about right or wrong? Rob Kyff, the Word Guy, that's whom.

You can join the conversation. Are there any grammar mistakes that trigger your ire? Leave your comments below or e-mail colin@wnpr.org.

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The error that triggers my eire is the "there / their / they're" conundrum. Although, I'm actually getting to like the fact that the average man has no desire to wield the word properly anymore...it makes my humble writing look that much better!