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CMS: Urban Farming and Growing Local
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The land is there, but how are we using it?


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Colin welcomes Will Allen, winner of a 2008 McArthur "Genius Grant" for his groundbreaking work with Growing Power, an urban farming collaborative.

We're also be joined in studio by Hannah Gant and Shannon Raider of the Four Fields Farm in Bloomfield.

Mike Kandefer from New Britain's Urban Oaks Organic Farm joins us by phone.

You can join the conversation. Why is growing and buying local important to you? What level of connection do you feel with your food? And does this whole organic trend really matter?

Call us at 860-275-7266 or e-mail colin@wnpr.org.


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Listener E-mail from Steve

I was on hold Friday to make a few comments about the urban farming topic. I didn't get on the air and you invited me to email the comments. These comments include:
* A plug for the "Fresh" documentary about local food and agriculture, including sustainable farming methods, programs that involve kids and a feature of Will Allen's work with kids. Will be shown on October 11 in New Milford at the Bank Street Festival.
* The "Plow to Plate" program in New Milford, Connecticut, which is supported by the New Milford Hospital and involves local youth in growing, selling, cooking and promoting local food at Sullivan Farm. The program is managed by the town's youth agency. In addition to crops, they also produce maple syrup and honey and plan on adding ice cream.
* The Creative Community Building program at the University of Connecticut. I teach in and work with this program, which taps into the creativity part of local food and agriculture, which one of your Connecticut guests mentioned. Creativity can be applied to solving and implementing some of the concrete challenges your guests talked about, related to the urban farming topic. And creativity is also about engaging citizens' ideas, imagination and creative selves in their communities in purposeful ways. Food and agriculture are topics that excite people's imagination.

Given the jammed-packed show on Friday, I hope that this is a topic that you continue to cover. There are so many amazing things going on related to this in Connecticut, yet a lot of people remain aware of them.

Also, if you intend to start doing off-site shows/tours (as you alluded to in your pre-show promos), I would be open to collaborating with you to arrange such events related to these topics.