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CMS: Turtles and Bats - In Danger!
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Connecticut is home to the only federally endangered turtle. Also, how is White Nose Syndrome impacting bats?


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I've been reading and kind of cringing through Cormac McCarthy's brilliant novel "The Road."
As you probably now, it takes place in world for which the adjective "apocalyptic" is barely adequate. Very little is left alive and nothing is ever going to grow again. A man and his son stagger through that terrible finality.
It's such a hopeless vision that the only consolation lies in the fact that it's fiction. For bats, it's sort of not a fiction. They have died and are dying at a terrifying rate. A colony of more than 3,000, here in Connecticut, is down to seven. 
Because we don't really know what's causing the disease, we don't really know what to do about it. The story for turtles is a little better, but the only turtle to be federally listed as endangered does live here in Connecticut. Our shell-wearing and flying friends coming up on today's show!
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