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CMS: Triumph of the Nerds
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Don't you dare call them geeks. When did it become hip to be square?


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As Huey Lewis once sang, "It's hip to be square."

The problem was, of course, that it was Huey Lewis, which is somehow not all that reassuring. And yet there is a growing sense these days that the nerds are inching toward culture dominance. I mean, one of the good things about being a nerd is that you eventually become the kind of person who can make sweeping and persuasive-sounding statements about culture. On the other hand, wouldn't most nerds willingly go back in time and change places with the handsome and popular power forward on their high school basketball team?

Actually, no! As Phillip Seymour Hoffman says, playing as Lester Bangs in "Almost Famous - "The cool, good-looking people don't have any spine. Their art never lasts. They get the girls, but we're smarter."

What self respecting nerd would give up that for a smidgen of popularity?

You can join the conversation. Do you self-identify as a nerd? When did being square become hip? Leave your comments below, e-mail colin@wnpr.org or Tweet us @wnprcolin

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Listener E-mail from Theresa

Doug, the love of my life: Folds origami, can identify Star Trek episodes by show title, reads ONLY sci-fi and fantasy novels, is a cub scout den leader, builds and launches rockets, is a geocacher, plays Ultimate Frisbee in Bushnell Park at lunchtime, played D&D in high school and can recite pi to the 50th digit. Top that, will you?