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CMS: Tree Talk
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Our Arbor Day broadcast explores the crucial role of trees in Connecticut's ecosystem.


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Maybe we were crazy to think we could do just one Arbor Day show on trees. There's too much to talk about.
There's the overall state of the state's trees and forests. And the the alarming new menace of invasive pests and diseases.

There's also the fundamental mystery of trees. How do they regulate their breathing? Each leaf is covered with millions of mouths and the functions of these mouths are regulated and balanced out by some kind of hard-to-describe central nervous system.

I don't know what your lawn looks like this spring, but mine is full of little hopeful sprigs of tree-wannabes. And today you'll also learn about the reproductive life of trees. And about why you should plant one. And about urban forestry projects around the state.  We might even teach you an Algonquian word meaning "always green."

You can join the conversation. Leave your comments below, e-mail [email protected] or Tweet us @wnprcolin.

This episode was produced with help from Jonathan McNicol.

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