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Where does all that holiday junk go after we throw it away?


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We all know it. Especially at this time of year, we feel it keenly. We produce too much trash.

I've tried to adjust my behavior a little. Canvas bags at the store -- when I remember. Composting.

I live in a town that recycles pretty vigorously. Most weeks, my big green town-issued single can does not fill all the way up. Not even close. That feels like a victory. But around my house, there's all this stuff I need to get rid of, and I'm just responsible enough not to throw it in the general waste stream and just careless enough not to bring it to town hall on the one day designated fro dropping it off. Computer parts. Other defunct and less impressive electronics. What do you do with a dead phone? Phone books. (We seem to get about five kinds of phone books these days, even though nobody really uses them.) CDs. CD cases. Where does all this stuff go? That's what we're talking about today.

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Listener E-mail from Laurie

How can I find out where the recyclables in my town go? And how do I know whether my town is really recycling the recyclables?


What happens to recyclables?

There's information about recycling in every Connecticut city and town on CRRA's Web site. If your town recycles with CRRA (check this map to find out), the materials are being recycled. In fact, you can watch the recycling process in action at CRRA's Trash Museum in Hartford and Garbage Museum in Stratford.

Listener E-mail from Karl

I'm sure that you know about #7 plastics, which have BPA in them and shouldn't be used for food storage for many types of people. Is #7 plastic always going to be like that after recycling, or does it ever stop being in that material? When #7 plastics are recycled, what's remade of them, and what number are the end products?

In a longer-view manner: I know there's a stepping-stone of paper, ending in the egg carton; last I heard, it could not be recycled into anything.
How is that with plastics?

Listener E-mail from Joanne

Our town recently went to single stream recycling with the very large container. No matter how carefully I try to drop glass bottles into the container some smash. How is this dealt with at the facility?