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Thomas Moore talks about the soul, medicine and the intersections life and death.


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Chances are, you were born in a hospital.

Throughout your life, you will get some of your most important news in hospitals. News about yourself and your loved ones. Your babies will be born there. You might die there.

Anytime you're in a hospital, you're probably fearful or hopeful or both. With all of that in mind, it probably makes sense for the physical nature of a hospital to be focused on your humanity and for all the things that feed your soul to be present there. Music, food, art, words, people. But if you've dealt with hospitals a lot, you know that sometimes, everything you need is missing.

The model of medicine that treats the body as a mechanism can lose sight of so many things that are vitally connected, in less obvious ways, to health.

Thomas Moore has written an important new book about all the connections, visible and invisible.

He join us today in studio. You can join the conversation. Leave your comments below, e-mail colin@wnpr.org or Tweet us @wnprcolin.

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Bravo - This is why NPR and Colin go well together.

How rare to have an interview where the interviewer has done extensive homework, reflected on his own life and the book in question. First, it is appreciated by the author - and by so many of us listening. And the nature of Colin's personal insight gave depth to the hour. I applaud NPR for having Colin in this role. And thank you Colin for your clear and soulful approach. And yes, this work of Moore's is timely and profound - and I am hoping as many people as possible search this interview out and listen! Thanks!