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CMS: Theology with Bishop Rosazza
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Living well can be a lifelong journey.


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So, to get ready for today's interview for Bishop Peter Rosazza, I've been cramming. Tomas Merton, Thomas Moore, Marcus Borg, Yoda, you name it. But it's really Merton who seems best able to prepare me for this talk, and he has this lovely passage about not preferring things to people that that's how you get in trouble.

And today, as I was backing out of the driveway, this other car came up and kind of leaned on its horn, and I got mad, and I wound up chasing him through the neighborhood, and right now I'm thinking a lot of good Thomas Merton and I did each other.

Really, at that moment, I wasn't even seeing a human being. I was seeing a Volvo with no human presence connected to it. Sorry about that Mr. Or ma'am. It's hard to be good. Even when the recipe for being good is that last thing you looked at before you got in the car. It's hard to be good. How do you do it?  Well, if our guest doesn't know the answer, I'm running out of people to ask.

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