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CMS: Talkin' Tea
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Discussing tea with connoisseurs from across Connecticut.


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For a lot of us, tea is a little like poetry. Maybe we think we don't want it. And then somebody hands it to us and we realize how good, how restorative, how subtle it can be.

Last spring I was staying at a secondary school in Japan where Tea is offered as a course that one can take for several semesters. By Tea, of course, they mean not just the liquid you drink but the elaborate set of ceremonies, gestures, attitudes and aesthetics that accompany it. Tea is serious business. Or perhaps it is just the catalyst that sets serious business in motion ...

On the other side of the globe, I've noticed a surge in veddy British tea experiences, especially in places like Manhattan's Alice's Teacup shops which connect us not merely to the British habit of sitting for tea but to a set of frilly, flowery distinctly non-American accoutrements.

So, today, tea. The beverage that invites us to pause, which is a good thing. Leave your comments below or e-mail us at colin@wnpr.org.

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source for herbal teas?

I really enjoyed yesterday's show.  I wish I could have called in.  I am interested in searching for a high quality tea for both high blood pressure and asthma.  I think you may have even mentioned one for high blood pressure on the show yesterday.  Is there someone who can recommend a reputable website that would allow me to search for good teas by ailment/problem?  It's hard to sort through the good and bad when you just google it.  Thanks!

Listener E-mail from Natalie

Love your show (but I actually might love tea a bit more!) Just wanted to talk tea for a minute with you. Was so excited that you're discussing it on your show today.

I'm pretty convinced that I couldn't live without tea. Just this morning I made myself a huge mug of English Breakfast sweetened with vanilla sugar & soy milk, and it felt (if only for a fleeting moment) like all was right with the world. Another reason why I love tea so much because it's so social... while you can brew a pot of tea for yourself, it's way more fun to share it with a roomful of friends. Not to mention that there is nothing better than enjoying a homemade vegan cupcake or cookie with a steamy hot cup of tea! I'll leave you with three of my favorites as
suggestions: Lady Grey, Earl Grey  w/ Lavender, and Earl Grey de la Creme (notice a trend?) All are simply FANTASTIC!


Listener E-mail from Llyn

Been an obsessed fanatic about tea since I was a little girl decades ago, though the words "obsessed fanatic" don't really fit well with such a serene habit.  Would just like to address a little peeve of mine.  I wish people would stop calling afternoon tea "high tea."  High tea is actually a supper-like meal.  That's it; now I'm happy.


Listener E-mail from Patrice

We love ...


To hear you chew.


Colin's tea show

While it would be great to have more tea shops (or "shoppes"), I'd be happy if we tea lovers

could achieve the simple things first.  Like getting a decent cup of tea at a breakfast place.

I watch my companions get refill after refill of steaming hot coffee (regular or decaf?), while

I hold my empty mug.  When they do come around, I get another refill of lukewarm water

and the inevitable question - you know it's coming, tea lovers, IF you're lucky -

"Do you want another bag?"


Oh no, really - I'll just wring out some more flavor from the generic brand bag you gave

me in the first place and enjoy my orange-tinged water. 

Meanwhile, cup number 4 for my friends...."regular or decaf?" 

Sigh......I feel better now.