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CMS: Super Bowl Advertising
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When it comes to the NFL, perhaps the only thing more popular than the football is the advertising.


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The single greatest Super Bowl ad ever, in my opinion, was not the Orwellian Apple ad but a spot for E*Trade in 2000.

The look was that of an amateur video. The setting: a ramshackle open garage. A chimpanzee flanked by two blank-faced men, turns on a boom box and begins to dance to, I believe, ''La Cucaracha.''  I think the men clap along with the chimp. At the end  the chimpanzee folds his hands, and words appear on the screen: ''Well, we just wasted two million bucks. What are you doing with your money?''

My jaw dropped when I saw it. Such a perfect dada-ist emptying out of the moment in a way that called attention to the extravagance and decadence and pointlessness of Super Bowl advertising! And we certainly learned our lesson, didn't we?

Today, get ready for our nonfootball Super Bowl. The ads. The hype. The psychodrama.The new Bret Favre commercials.

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Listener E-mail from Donald

I spent a good deal of my 20’s out of touch from the world on a submarine. 

We missed the Super Bowl where the Giants beat the Bills and a friends mother sent a tape of the game after editing out commercials.  I hardly seemed like the Super Bowl without the ads.  Very disappointing

Listener E-mail from Aaron

Brett Favre did a really funny "monday morning QB" commercial probably about 7 years ago.  I think it was on of the mastercard priceless commercials.