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CMS: Spotlight on the Arts - Hartford
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Colin talks with TheaterWorks' Steve Campo. Later in the show - what would Twain tweet if Twain tweeted on Twitter?


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Can you tell it's time for American Buffalo? Theaterworks is staging the David Mamet play for the third time in the theater's history, and for the third time I have not been cast. Steve Campo, the director will join us to talk about Buffalo and an ambitious plan for his little slice of downtown Hartford. Ambitious by Hartford-in-recession standards in the sense that it does not involve closing anything or going bankrupt.  And then -- you thought that was all?  .... what would Mark Twain say about social networking? Life on the Twitterssippi?

Hey Tom Sawyer, wanna whitewash my Facebook site? The people putting together "What Would Tawin Tweet?" will join us.

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