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Can a song connect us to something greater?


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So I used to room with a Jewish guy who played the French horn. And during the Advent season he would add himself to the brass choir at the local Congregationalist church. He really liked playing those carols. And he got along with the people at the church so well that inevitably someone would approach him and say, "Mark, we love you. You should join us."

And Mark would politely explain that he liked them too and thought the church was a terrific place and a wonderful community. And he loved playing the music. But he didn't believe. How could he join if he didn't believe? For him, the music was beautiful in its own right, and the fact that it was about the birth of Jesus was sort of an ancillary issue.

Sometimes you can separate the music from the message and sometimes you can't.  That's what today's show is about and about the fact that faith, faith of almost any kind, seems almost inseparable from the urge to make music about it.

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