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What happens when we go to bed?


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Our romantic songs are full of sleep and dreams. An old saying, apparently from Venice, is "Bed Is Medicine." Sleep is desirable in so many ways. And for many of us, it is quite elusive.

I never did sleep very well, but I feel, these days, as if every new addition to our culture is an argument against sleep. More devices. More stimulation. More things going on in our heads at once.  It's no accident that the ride of the Internet and the rise of coffee culture were simultaneous. Our minds whir all day long because they have to. We blast through the barrier of any natural circadian pause. Our cognitions are asked to speed up, expected to keep pace with a computer driven culture. And all through the early evening, the blackberries and iPods buzz and jingle, reminding us that we're not done. And then, after Jon Stewart reminds us the world is crazy. we get into bed. Good luck with that.

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Listener E-mail from Kelly

We got rid of our clock with the giant bright numbers and got 2 clocks that do not glow but the snooze button turns on a light.


Listener E-mail from Georg

I find that when I have specific problems, that I will wake up at specific times of night as if my brain is processing data in a rol-a-dex fashion. For instance I will wake up @ 3:00 A.M. if I am having financial concerns or 4:00 for certain domestic issues.
Is this a normal brain processing function or am I reacting to other, perhaps environmental cues?

Listener E-mail from Bill

I practice yoga and ayurveda.  We follow the practice of meditation and the ayurvedic clock and it works.