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CMS: A Shout Out to Debaters
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Remember debaters in high school? The great speakers smart enough to talk their way out of anything ...


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It's getting to be an old story -- the way the highly verbal, thoughtful nerds from high school find lasting meaning in life, while the hugely popular handsome babe magnet jocks waste away in unrewarding auto sales jobs.

Yes, it's an old story. An old, old, old story. Why do we former nerds enjoy telling it so much? It never gets tired for us.
Mark Oppenheimer joins us today with one of the stories, but a tale center in the world of high school debate, which has also been getting some intention recently in movies like Rocket Science.

The way Oppenheimer tell it, he was pretty much born talking and -- until he found the right outlet -- that made him kind of a misfit. And worse.

But why let Mark hog all the debating glory. We've also invited two current high school and one current college debater. Who will take home the coveted Dankosky Trophy?

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