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CMS: The Secret and Public Lives of Bees
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Studies show bees help produce nearly 1/3 of the food we eat everyday. Just what can't they do?


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Winnie the Pooh thought the only reason for bees was to make honey and the only reason for honey was so that he could eat it. Nice bear, lousy scientist. But we're not here today to knock down the arguments of a stuffed animal. We're here to learn about bees -- from the role they can play in addressing world hunger and poverty -- through a group called Bees without Borders -- to the thriving, buzzing world of Connecticut beekeepers. We'll bring you up to date on colony collapse disorder and tell you whether it's hitting the local bee population. Jonathan Swift said that bees fill their hives with honey and light and what are those two things but sweetness and light. It's better to light a beeswax candle than to curse the bee-sting. The more you learn about bees, from their complicated waggle dances that allow them to communicate information to the intimate relationship between beekeeper and bee, the more curious you'll get. Leave your comments below or e-mail [email protected]

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Listener E-mail from Mary

Hi Colin, Glad your back on radio! I was thrilled to hear your show about bees. I'm a second year backyard beekeeper in eastern Ct and can't learn enough about the fuzzy little working wonders. I hope you host another show about bees in the future. Mary in Storrs