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CMS: Seahorses
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They're wet, wild and weird! What's up with seahorses?


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We don't ordinarily like to pry into anybody's reproductive habits,  which is why our Tiger Woods coverage has been basically nil.

But we're making an exception for seahorses today. I mean, who dances and mates for three days? I was at wedding in Detroit once that was a little bit like that, but it's rare. When it comes to seahorses, the big deal is that the male gets pregnant. So if John Edwards were a seahorse, the course of history might have been very different. OK, OK ... I'll stop.

Two seahorse experts from Goodwin College join us. Curious about seahorses? Leave your comments below or e-mail [email protected].

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Whoa Nellie, Who Got To Hold The Seahorse....


Great pictures..... I was imagining what was going on while listening......

Who got to feel the seahorse? when transferring him / her into the tank?

Great show, did anybody put a suction mike against the tank to actually confirm the caller's mention of

clicking? IIRC sounds?