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CMS: R. Nelson "Oz'' Griebel
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Colin chats with Simsbury Republican R. Nelson "Oz'' Griebel about the upcoming governor's race.


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You've probably heard some of the stories about Oz Griebel.

The time he foiled a bank robbery by a fake Santa Claus and battled with him on the back of of moving truck full of dead Christmas trees. Or the time when, dressed as a bear, be bounded out of the woods to wrestle an inhaler away from a St. Bernard in order to save a sick kid. Or the time he threw a smoothie into the face of a guy who was going to beat up a clown and then saved the clown from falling of the balcony at Westfarms.

These are remarkable stories or at least they would be if I had not made them up. Almost every time they appear on the air, people -- people who should no better -- contact me to ask if they are true.

I'll tell you what's true: Oz Griebel is running for governor and today he appears on this show.

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