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CMS: Pondering Poker
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Does going pro signal an addiction?


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I don't play poker, and if I did, I probably wouldn't be good at it.

But what if you were a college student, drawn -- as practically all college students seem to be these days -- into the world of online poker? And what if, instead of getting behind, you got ahead?

What if your survived the trial by fire that creates a lot of debt and personal problems for novice poker players who overestimate their ability and their luck? What if you were good? What if you were better at poker than you were at, let's say, college? What if you never liked your chosen college in the first place? What if you left and concentrated mainly on your game?

That's the story you'll hear today. Not the story of a young kid who got hooked on poker and lost everything, but the story of a 20-year-old professional poker player who is mostly making it. And the voices of people who think that may still be a problem.

Addiction or career? Sound off below or e-mail us at [email protected].

Also: Helder Mira and Kevin O'Toole join us to talk about the Hartford International Film Festival.

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