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Checking in on Connecticut's political scene as the races for 2010 heat up.


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As a public radio listener, you probably believe that picking out a governor or a senator is serious business, worthy of sober scrutiny and not at all a matter for levity. You might want to skip today's show ...

No, no, that's not right. But we ARE introducing a new political roundtable of experts who may or may not take the process as seriously as you do. But they know a lot. They are hardened veterans of previous political campaigns. They've looked into the abyss of an election cycle and seen ... a bunch of politicians whining for attention.

This is not politics, burgers and beer. This is ....something, something and tea. We're still working on the name.

Kevin Rennie, Patty McQueen and Duby McDowell compete today for the Devil Duck Trophy awarded to the day's best pundit. And we unveil Screamie, the official mascot of our election coverage.


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Yesterday's political roundtable

Colin and staff,

I gotta say, yesterday's political roundtable was interesting and funny - good guests, genuinely funny comments, and insights.  All without the fake giggling and wincingly over-the-top joviality of another roundtable show on wnpr here in CT.  What a relief!  Thanks...great show.

Keep it up, and thanks.