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How do we deal with the absurdity of life? We joke about it.


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I love cartoons and comic strips. I'm part of a small but crazed following that believes that Pogo, the creation of Walt Kelly of Bridgeport, is as profound and enduring a commentary as American culture has ever produced.

You heard me right. I think Pogo, taken in aggregate, is as good as Mark Twain. My freshman counselor as college was a young man named Garry Trudeau, and I've crossed paths also with some of the New Yorker single panel guys including William Hamilton, the only man who ever got a West Hartford joke into a New Yorker cartoon. And then there's Bill Griffith. Bill and I bonded when we arranged to tour a Twinkie factory in the Greater Boston area. To this day, I don't think it's something either one of us can put into words, but his creation, "Zippy the Pinhead" has tried.

Cartoons and comic strips they are both literature and art. They're a friendly space.  Well, most of the time ...

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