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CMS: Poetics of Boxing
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How does fighting transform into poetry?


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We kick things off with an essay by Thersea Cramer from the CuT Magazine.

And then Andy Thibault joins poets Ravi Shankar and Amy Ma to talk about the Connecticut Young Writers Trust.

On Jan. 15 the organization will hold a "Triple Knockout Event" featuring writing seminars and a celebration of the poetics of boxing.

Also, writer Gabrielle Calvocoressi (winner of the 2006 CT Book award for "The Last Time I Saw Amelia Earhar") shares her boxing poetry with Colin.

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Listener E-mail from Ron

I was listening to your show on boxing and was reminded of a wonderful narrative poem about the sport by Joseph Moncure March. It was writen in the mid-twenties and called: "The Set-Up." It's a long one, about fifty pages! It's a good read and you feel like you're actually at ringside while reading the poem. March was a poet and essayist in New York. His other works include "The Wild Party". and "ACertain Wildness."