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CMS: The Pint Man
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Steve Rushin talks about The Pint Man. Tina Brown previews her appearance at the Connecticut Forum.


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I've never thought of it quite this way before but there is, of course, a gigantic trope in literature having to do with pubs and taverns and bars and other drinkeries.

James Joyce and Flann O'Brien and Fred Exley and Charles Bukowski and JP Donleavy ... I could go on. The pub is, after all, a place where people talk and make mistakes and fall in love and get into fistfights and spill their secrets and their drinks. And all of that is the stuff of the novel.

To those great names I mentioned before we can now add Steve Rushin, a Connecticut based writer who has made the switch from sports columns to a lyrical, wistful and wildly funny novel called The Pint Man. You'll meet Steve and hear his stories today.

You'll also hear from Tina Brown. From Vanity Fair to the New Yorker to the Daily Beast to this week's Connecticut Forum. How do you cover the health care debate AND own the Tiger Woods story?

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