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CMS: The Perfect Heist
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Why are heists, capers and well-planned robberies so fascinating?


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True story - when I was growing up, my father and his mother-in-law (my grandmother) didn't exactly dislike each other. They just had nothing in common, nothing to talk about.

Which was a problem because, for years, he gave her a 25-minute car ride five days a week.

One day, as they passed a local bank branch, my father mentioned that it had been robbed the day before. My grandmother responded with some fairly detailed knowledge about the robbery. My father answered with some equally arcane information about how it could have been done better. It turned out they both knew way too much for their own good about how to rob banks. They had studied it and had given a lot of thought to it. They both wanted to rob banks.

I'm not like that, but I do notice that a lot of people enjoy well-planned robberies. It may be a more common fantasy than we have heretofore acknowledged.

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