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CMS: Obsession of Collection
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From stamps to Christmas trees - people love to collect.


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You know how it is. You meet somebody. You hit it off. You meet for coffee. Maybe go for a walk in the reservoir. And then, one day, you get invited to his or her house.

There you discover a collection of hundreds of dolls in glass cases. Dolls with very fixed stares. And it's like, "Aiiiiieeeee!"

There's something alarming about anybody's big obsessive collection, no matter how much attitude and irony they put into it. My friend Tom collects tiki heads and everything to do with the comic strip Nancy. He's a comedy writer. He lives and works in L.A. He can get away with that kind of thing. But still ...it's really a LOT of tiki heads. And Nancy.

So let's talk about that today. What makes people collect? What's it like to live alongside a big collection?  After a while, it must feel like the collection is making room for you, not the other way around.

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Listener E-mail from D

After learning on a public access recycling program that the caps on our water bottles and other containers are not recyclable and water bottles often get discarded AT the recycling place if attatched to a cap, I started saving them! As an artist I am certain that I am going to make something out of them someday. When you put them all together they form a whimsical mozaic. I go out of my way to get caps now. I have hundreds of them in bags that keep piling up in the basement. Certainly they will be good for something! I'm thinking kitchen backsplash ! Won't that be fun? Incidentally I am not a hoarder...I just collect caps!