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CMS: Take Me Out to the Ballgame
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It's our non-traditional baseball show. Allegiances, the playoffs and what it means to be a fan in Connecticut.


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In my grandmother's Plainville apartment, right where any religious family would have some kind of votive statuary or icon, stood a foot-tall molded plastic of Ted Williams in full swing. For years, decades, the Splendid Splinter stood watch over us. These were mostly lean times for the crimson hose, except for the Impossible Dream Year, the baseball season that changed my young life.

You know, my parents were Goldwater Republicans, but it was okay that I eventually became a Democrat. And they were both non-practicing ex-Christians, but almost any religious choice I might have made during my long spiritual quest would have been okay too. "Mom, I'm a Zoroastian." Fine whatever.

What would have been unthinkable, so truly unthinkable that the Eugene O'Neill inside me cannot write the scene, would have been to announce to my mother and grandmother that I was becoming a Yankees fan.

On today's show, we' discuss why things like that cannot happen.

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Listener E-mail from Chuck

The same people who excoriate the Yankees for retiring too many numbers--for devoting too much time and effort to history--are the ones who complain that the new players don't know the history of the game. I'd rather see too many rather than too few numbers retired so that generations to come might say to their fathers and mothers, who was that #23? Did you ever see him play?

And if some day we have to endure, "Now batting, #132...," where's the harm?

Listener E-mail from Karl

I'm a wayward baseball fan who spends my free summer time pins in voodoo dolls of Jeff Loria and Bud Selig. Am I supposed to just spend the rest of my fandom in limbo, without rooting for anyone (for real, not just the playoffs)? Because that's what I've been doing since the Expos left Montreal.

Karl in Bloomfield

PS My wife is from Worcester, if that matters. She doesn't care much about baseball but favors the Red Sox.