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CMS: New Eating Patterns
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Colin explores some radical eating patterns using organic ingredients.


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Diet guru Emily Brooks joins Linda Pitrowitcz from the Department of Agriculture to discuss Colin's ongoing diet.

And WNPR's Chion Wolf tries a variety of whole foods and vegetables.

Don't worry, Chion, we'll have the "sick" bags handy.

You can join the conversation. What are you doing to change your diet in the New Year? Leave your comments below or e-mail colin@wnpr.org.

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Listener E-mail from Matteo

I wanted to follow up on my call to the diet part of your show today. I mentioned a book called The China Study(by T. Colin Campbell PHD) and it has truly been an eye opener for me. I caught an interview on the Faith Middleton show and got a copy of the book(I've included a link to the show below)Although, the book is great. There is one question lacking. What where humans truly meant to eat from day one?
If you believe in Evolution and we evolved from apes, they are not very big meat eaters. The bulk of their diet is fruits and veggies with a small percentage of bug protein.
If you believe in Adam and Eve, the Garden of Eden is where they shopped.
Somehow I believe common sense will win the day on the question of what to eat, but as Mark Twain said "common sense is not very common."