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CMS: Musing on the Mustache
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Exploring America's on-and-off again relationship with the mustache.


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OK, so moustaches. They aren't one thing. The droopy cowboy look of Sam Elliot is not the same as that weird pencil-thin under-no-circumstances-trust-me thing John Waters has. You can have a gray moustache -- like Dan Cain or Ted Turner -- and look just a tiny bit raffish. But a darker moustache does suggest -- to some people -- under certain circumstances -- that it might be a bad idea to let you hold their wallets or invest their 401Ks.

In fact, it's kind of a tribute to the way people feel about Gerry Brooks that he could get away, for so long, with a moustache while anchoring the nightly news. People liked him so much they kind of brushed aside the whole E. Buzz Miller issue. And yet, men are all over the world right now are turning themselves into shady-looking characters for a very noble cause, as you will hear today.

And our other guests will deconstruct the social meaning of the moustache.

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