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Join us for a music magazine with an obsessive rock fan and a young jazz phenom.


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Music finds and feeds our better fools.

That sounds like a famous quote, but I just made it up. But it's true. There is nothing on the back shelves of CVS that can turn my mood around as fast as music, and lately, I've been soothing myself with the jazz vocals of Dana Lauren, a Hartford area prodigy who swings, growls and purrs through songs written 60 years before her birth.

Lauren's second CD just came out, with wonderful embellishments by sax star Joel Frahm and superstar bassist Christian McBride.

In the second half of the show, comic writer Steve Almond takes us deep into his life as "a rock and roll wannabe, geek, professional worshipper," to use his words. Almond is recreating his obsessions tonight at Real Art Ways and today he'll also tell us about his Museum of Big Bad Rock and Roll Hair. I'm talkin' to you, Phil Spector.

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Listener E-mail from Woody

Colin I almost feel as though I'm a stalker, because I again feel compelled to write.
 I'm in the midst of teaching/bribing my nine year old daughter about all different genres of music by paying her five dollars to listen to a chosen band for a week. She picked up on Dave Matthews, Johnny Cash, Abba and They Might be Giants on her own, then I got this brainstorm. I listen to all kinds of music and have a digital library of over 90000 songs. They're all in there. Right now were into The Carolina Chocolate Drops and we as a family are venturing up to Mass MOCA in May to see them. 
I couldn't allow myself or her to believe  that The Disney Channel consumed nearly one hundred percent of her musical portfolio. I will introduce her to all my guilty pleasures. Fond memories of a sixteen year old, Mohawk sporting  punker with Chopin rules written on his torn jeans, secretly listening to bananarama, Arlo Guthrie, John Denver, vanilla ice, and many more.
I am a firm believer that education and a wide variety of experiences directly corrolate to tolerance, compassion, and accessability.
I pay her 5 bucks for every book she reads too! 2-4 a week now!   

Listener E-mail from Scott

I know you were asking for albums I used to like and now will not admit to but I play bass in a local hardcore/punk band. We cover stuff like the Misfits, Minor Threat and Operation Ivy and I will loose a lot of credibility if anyone finds out I like Lady Gaga

Listener E-mail from Pat W.

Just wanted to answer a question you had as you interviewed Dana – yes, Northwest Catholic High School has an accomplished Jazz band which recently won several awards at the Berklee Music Festival.  You can read all about it here:



We’re proud to be so well-represented with NWC alumni on your show and at WNPR!

Pat W.