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HSO candidate Tania Miller joins "rock & roll jihadist" Salman Ahmad and Fountains of Wayne.


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Today on the show, we're going to put that whole notion of the universality of music to the test.

Tania Miller comes in as a candidate for the Hartford Symphony conductor's job. She currently holds the baton of the Victoria Symphony. She's young enough to have grown up digging Def Leppard and AC/DC, but now it's more like Ravel and Beethoven.

Salman Ahmad came of age musically with a fusion of American and British rock and the music of Pakistan, the country to which he returned to found two bands huge popular in South Asia. Ahmad probably grew up with a lot of the same rock music as Miller, but rock and roll in the Muslim world is a much more dangerous proposition than Vivaldi in Vancouver.

And Chris Collingwood is one half of the sparkling, funny, wry rock and pop band Fountains of Wayne. He'll be our third interview on the show today, and he'll be in Hartford Monday night.

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