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CMS: Monthly Music Mayhem
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Author Wally Lamb joins Eric Danton and Joan Holliday to chat about what's got their ear this winter.


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Wally Lamb and I have known each other for 20 years, but I think I wasn't REALLY a FOW -- friend of Wally -- until "The Hour I First Believed" came out in galleys and I got my copy with a two-CD set of songs Wally believed I should be listening to while reading the book. It wasn't that big a surprise. Wally's music always seems very infused and informed by popular music, right down to the titles. "She's Come Undone." "I Know This Much Is True."

I've also discovered over the years that Wally keeps up with the newer releases, so when we started doing regular music panels with the Hartford Courant's Eric Danton and Joan Holliday from the Happy Club, I started scheming to get Wally in here with a few of his own musical preferences.

Today, that's gonna happen. This may be the one Wally Lamb radio interview ever where nobody talks very much about his books. He's Wally the music guy today.

You can join the conversation. What's pumping through you mp3 player? Have a pop tune you'd like to recommend? Leave your comments below or e-mail [email protected]

Playlist for today's show:

Eric Danton -
Beach House - "Zebra"
Shearwater - "Landscape at Speed"
A Classic Education - "What My Life Could Have Been"
Gil Scott- Heron - "Me and the Devil"

Joan Holliday -
Andy White - "Faithful Heart"
Charlotte Gainsbourg - "Heaven Can Wait"
Everybody was in the French Resistance ... NOW - "Hey It's Jimmy Mack"

Wally Lamb -
Katie Meula- "I and Love and You"
Madeleine Peyroux - "River of Tears"
Jamie Hutchings - "You Don't Dance"
Bombadil - "Honeymoon"
Grandpa Elliot - "Sugar Is Sweet"

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Listener E-mail from Peggy

Enjoying your music show today and wondering if you have heard Will Dailey. He recently won the Boston   Best Singer Songwriter. You can hear a sample of his music on willdailey.com    I think you will like his music. Grampa Elliott's music was great today.

Listener E-mail from Abby

Heard your show about new music and what people should have on their ipods.  Lara Herscovitch is actually CT’s state troubadour and has a great album out, produced by John Jennings (who’s done all of Mary Chapin Carpenter’s stuff).  It’s called Through a Frozen Midnight Sky and it’s fantastic.  Definitely something for folks to add to their ipods.  The music and lyrics are catchy, but also occasionally take you aback because what you thought was a great love song, is actually a heartbreaking end-of-love song, etc.