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CMS: Monthly Music Mayhem
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So one day a couple of years ago, I was using iTunes, and I looked at the little feature that tells you what you might like based on your recent purchases, the the number one suggestion was something by Vampire Weekend, and I thought, "Wow." ITunes thinks I'm ready to get into Vampire Weekend ... iTunes thinks I'm cool!

Even setting aside the question of whether I should be surrendering my own music judgment to some stupid algorithm, it turned out I didn't like Vampire Weekend that much anyway. What I had really done was to blunder into a sea of choices that were not choices at all but different shades of the same thing ...

One of the paradoxes of modern popular music is that there have never before been so many chances to hear so many different artists and yet there is also that creeping sense that we've drifted farther from those moments when something new and fresh would really stir us. Or is that just my own pop ennui?





Our Playlist for Today:


The Islands – Heartbeats (from album Vapours) – Courtesy Anthony Fantano’s The Needle Drop, which airs Saturdays at 10 p.m. on WNPR.


Eric Danton


Down the Line, Love – The Castanets

A Hundred Hearts – The Swimmers

24-25 – The Kings of Convenience



Joan Holiday


Low Rising – The Swell Season (Strict Joy)

Love that Conquers

Saudades de Manadinho Araujo – Forro in the Dark

Better than You – Light a Candle

Into the Clouds – The Starfolk (ep)

Think I Need it Too – Echo and The Bunnymen (The Fountain)



Colin McEnroe


Wichita Lineman – Shannon Butcher

Mad World – Shannon Butcher

Ray’s Dad’s Cadillac – Joni Mitchell

Tidal – Imogen Heap

Little Bird – Imogen Heap


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