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Eeek! There's something under my bed!


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Comedian Mike Birbiglia, in his monologue about sleepwalking, talks of a consistently terrifying dream in which some kind of beast -- a jackal with wings -- hovers over his bed, poison dripping from its fangs. And a series of girlfriends learns to say, as he thrashes in terror, "Michael there is no jackal."

But for Birbiglia, at that moment,  there is. That's the thing of it:  everybody else's winged poisonous jackal is kind of a joke, but yours -- be it a snake-chicken with bear feet -- is serious business. And all of these monsters come from somewhere, right? Our minds. And where did our minds get them?

Today, we look at monsters and beasts and, as one of our guests will say, the shocking thing isn't that they occasionally spring up from the dark but that they're with us all the time.

And on I'm Supposed to Love It But I hate It, Terry Jacobs Walters talks to Chion about why Chion hates fresh fruit.

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