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CMS: Middletown Aftermath
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Colin speaks with Middletown Mayor Sebastian Giuliano and others about Sunday's explosion at Kleen Energy.


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We had a different show planned for today, but that's a small disturbance compared to what was visited yesterday on the workers at Middletown's Kleen Energy site, their families, the rescue teams and the people of Middletown.

Today on our show, we turn to Middletown, an up and coming Connecticut city which  has struggled with a series of controversial projects. There was the juvenile corrections facility that lay at the heart of the corruption case against Governor John G., Rowland. More recently, there was a fight over a new army base. And now, the tragedy of the Kleen Energy plant.

Among the people we'll talk to today is the town's mayor and a former city councilman, who is one of the closes neighbors of the plant and who cast the only council vote against approval of the project.

The story is far from over. All workers are now accounted for, but the questions are just beginning.

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