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Tim Coffey photographs famous Connecticut politicians and Todd Rowe runs the New Haven cupcake truck.


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Sometimes we like to introduce you to a series of people doing new and/or interesting things here in Connecticut.

So that's the plan today. You'll meet Deborah Hornblow who has just launched a new central Connecticut Arts and Leisure online magazine and Tim Coffey who took stunning portrait photographs of more than 50 Connecticut politicians including Chris Dodd on the eve of his resignation.

You'll also meet the bakers who are dazzling Connecticut with the confections sold out of the New Haven Cupcake truck, which draws huge crowds wherever it goes. And lastly, you'll meet Ryan Bingham, first elected mayor of Torrington at the age of 22. That made national news, but so did the exploits of Oscar winning country songwriter Ryan Bingham and the fictional Ryan Bingham, played by Geroge Clooney in Up in the Air. Where did they all come from?

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