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CMS: Live! in New Haven
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Exploring the Elm City's cult of "apizza" with three local food snobs.


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Here is a semi-horrible admission. During four years of college here in New Haven, I all-but-skipped the Wooster Street pizza scene.

I knew it was there, but I just couldn't be bothered to haul myself across town and wait in line for pizza. That was ... well, it was a long time ago. But in the intervening century, the mystique of New Haven "apizza" has done nothing but intensify.

Here in my dotage, I've decided to educate myself, with the help of two food writers and one pizza snob.

So today at City Hall, we'll taste and discuss Pepe's, Modern Apizza and, a newcomer to the scene, Bar, a downtown brewery and pizza spot that has made a place for itself in the heavyweight pizza pantheon.

Yes, there is one other famous pizza place. 

No, they didn't want to be involved.

Pizza eaters and talkers will include: Film-maker (and New Haven pizza snob) Gorman Bechard, food writer and etiquette maven Rand Richards Cooper and New York Times restaurant critic Stephanie Lyness.


This episode was produced with (much) assistance from Jonathan McNicol.

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Listener E-mail from Jen

One of your guests just said that there is "no pizza in California." I beg to differ. In Berkeley alone (and I don't know of other parts, as I never needed to wander out of Berkeley for pizza cravings). Zachary's Pizza (Chicago style stuffed pies), Cheese Board (think crust with no sauce and amazing cheeses and other unusual toppings), and Jupiter's (wood fired, crispy wheat crust with fabulous additions) all have far tastier pizza than anything I've have in New Haven so far (though I've only been here for 9 months, I've tried 5 or 6 different locations).
Just to let them know

Listener E-mail from Woody

God I love pizza! I have had the pleasure of eating at both Sal's, Pepe's, Abutte's next to them, and I love them all. You also gotta try Napolis in Wallingford. I've lived all across the country, travelled quite a bit  of it, and eaten pizza nearly everywhere. I've found one key aspect to perfect pies is the brick oven. I've worked in many pizza places, including Dominos, way back when it was first good, with fresh meats and veggies, not that precooked garbage they sell now. I've done the brick ovens, the conveyor style and the"Bakers Pride", which is the  next best thing to brick ovens. I can vouch for the guy who said that there aren't any good pizza places in California. Their idea of pizza is a saltine cracker with ketchup and rubbery cheese.

Thanks for the show.