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CMS: How New Haven Got Its Groove Back
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Exploring the arts and culture scene of downtown New Haven.


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We don't want to overstate how cool New Haven is, because there are lots of wonderful mid-sized cities around this state with their own colorful and interesting scenes. Middletown and New London, for example, are newly bustling these days.

But New Haven seems to have made a whole group of elements flow together and cohere. An arts scene. A restaurant scene. A group of people between the ages of 22 and 35 who have decided to live here.  Yes, it doesn't hurt to have Yale in the middle of all that, but it took 280 years or so to merge the destinies of town and gown.

Young Yale graduates are deciding to stay on in New Haven and creating, dynamic people with no connection to Yale are finding their way to New Haven because of its vibe.

Our show today comes to you from New Haven City Hall. We've assembled a guest line-up that reflects some of the puzzle pieces of New Haven's smart urban growth.

You can join the conversation. Leave your comments below, e-mail [email protected] or Tweet us @wnprcolin.

This episode was produced with help from Libby Conn.

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