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CMS: The Heart of Beth Bradley
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You'll hear the story of a familiar radio voice - who had to wait for a new heart.


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We could make it about numbers.

There are about 98,000 people waiting for an organ donation - that's not the kind of waiting you do for a pizza or Springsteen ticket.

Every day 77 people get the organ transplant they need. Seventeen to 19 die waiting for the organ that never came.

April is Donate Life Month. If there isn't a little heart on your driver's license, maybe you want to do something about that. 

And if you don't, maybe you will after you hear this show.

Because we're not going to make it about numbers. We're going to make it about a person like you, someone whose reality was a million miles removed from any thought of having her heart cut out and replaced by someone else's.

A young, healthy, popular radio newscaster who one day, all of a sudden, needed a new heart.

And that's when the waiting started.


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Listener E-mail from Chuck 2.0

Glad to hear your show on heart transplant.  Dr Hammond put a new heart in my chest Oct 2002 and I went back to work full time, paying off the mortgage, watching my daughters go through college and get on with life. again.

It really not only changes your life, but the lives of those around you. 

Listener E-mail from Lisa

I’ve been a designated organ donor for years.  About five years ago I was diagnosed with diabetes.  I am able to control it only through diet (no meds or insulin).  I have heard that diabetics cannot donate their organs.  Is this true??