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CMS: Hatian Vodou and Zombies Too!
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Dr. Elizabeth McAlister and Dr. Gina Ulysse join Colin to talk about the mysterious pracitces of Haitian vodou.


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Usually, we get a little nervous talking about zombies sitting this close to the actuarial departments of several major insurance companies. But not today.

Our thoughts turn both to zombies and to Vodou, the Haitian religion which spawned the original notion of them.  By the end of today's show, you may be wanting your Presbyterian pastor to spice things up a bit, as we delve deeper into a religion combines elements of several African faiths and elements of Christianity into a spiritual practice that's all about balance. Our two guests are both from Wesleyan University and both, in very different ways, experts in voudou and its portrayal in our popular culture.

And after that, we'll shift gears dramatically, with a trip to Bavaria and our German cultural correspndent Hans Felsendinger, who thinks American are addicted to happiness, have no traditions and don't understand the tragic nature of life.

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I have recently written a book Betrayals of Hippocrates; Crimes Against Innocence.

I have placed much of the story in Haiti and the notion that children / anyone for that matter  have no voice when under the spell of ( you fill in the blank).

I want to thank-you for your insight and interest in this topic, Haitian Vodou.


Harry J. Saranchak

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