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CMS: Get Healthy!
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Colin chats all things health with experts from around Connecticut.


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Cough in your elbow. Get a flu shot. Wash your hands long enough to sing happy birthday. Drink a little wheat grass every day. Practice safe sex. Never leave the house ...

Everybody worried about germs and viruses, but as the peak season approaches, do we really know what we're doing? Should swine flu be our biggest worry or is that just a virus with a very aggressive press agent? What else is out there?

Experts from the VNA Healthcare, Hartford Hospital, and the Hartford Gay and Lesbian Health Collective are here with us today to answer your questions and give advice on preventive medicine.

We can't afford to let any of you get really sick before our next Pledge Drive, so we're not taking any chances. Button up your overcoat. Take good care of yourself. And do not share drinking straws with the teletubbies!

I can't tell you why, but trust me on this ...


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Listener E-mail from "cruffle"

Back in the mid 1990's when I was in my mid-late 40's years old, at a time when I had a cold but was not running a fever, I was given a flu shot.   For the following three weeks I "could not get out of bed" due to extreme fatigue and also had the all over my body type "unwell" feeling that I get whenever I have a viral illness.

Prior to getting that shot I had not been getting yearly flu shots and didn't and don't remember if I had ever previously had one.

 I do remember having gotten the flu in winter 1968.  I had a fever of 103-104 degrees F along with  other typical symptoms and was sent home from college 'cus the  "infirmary" was already overfull with other flu patients. Continuing for 3 weeks after I no longer had any flu symptoms all I remember is my mom waking me up for meals.  Except for eating, I slept (period).  My mom thought I must,  then, have mono but  our family doctor said that recovering from flu could most certainly account for my needing that much rest for that long.

Anyway, I tried getting a flu shot once again in 2003 because by that time I had been told that my having had a cold at the time of receiving the flu shot in mid 1990's might account for the adverse effect  it had had  on me.   This time I experienced  a less severe but similar effect.  I did not work for about a week and a half afterwards.

I wonder what thoughts your health care practitioner guests have about these experiences.

Response to "Cruffle"

Getting the flu leaves you feeling like you have been run over by a bus - hence your experience in 1968.  It is more difficult to explain your subsequent experiences.  Flu vaccine is generally given during a time of year when there are numerous other viruses circulating throughout the community.  It is possible you were coming down with a different virus at the time of the vaccination and the flu vaccine had nothing to do with subsequent symptoms.    The injectable flu vaccine is a "killed" virus - there is nothing alive in it that you can catch.  However, other health problems may play a role.  These are concerns that you should bring up with your family medicine specialist/internist.  Work with her or him to determine the best plan to preserve your health.