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Join Colin for his inaugural show with New York Times columnist Gail Collins.


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Colin talks politics and culture with NY Times columnist Gail Collins. Later in the show, an episode of "Back and Forth" with Trinity College professor Irene Papoulis. Colin and Irene chat about Archie comics, gender identity and Archie's recent marriage choice.

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Friday's show - much missed cancelled TV shows

Great to hear you back on the radio.  I caught the tail end of today's episode,
and had to mention two other cancelled TV shows that I thought were fantastic:

1.  "Wonderfalls", which suffered the same Friday night death knell as "Firefly"
and was also cancelled after about 8 episodes, though 12 or so were filmed
(all are on the box set).

2.  "Miracles", which I thought was amazing, and may be the only show cancelled
because of an unnecesary war, as each weekly episode kept getting cancelled
because the moron in chief at the time decided we needed to bomb Iraq.

BTW, I have to agree with your thoughts on "Firefly" - brilliant show.

"Out of Gas" may be one of the single best episodes of any series I've ever seen.

And finally, I know you wrote off "Lost" a few years ago, but it has been amazing
in the last two seasons.  The final episde of season 5 was remarkable
(and maybe had the saddest scene I've ever seen with Julia and Sawyer).

Welcome back again!!

Maiden Episode

Apt topic for your maiden episode's "Back and Forth," Archie's choice for a bride, Veronica, whom Irene Papoulis sees as the whore in the patriarchal virgin/whore dichotomy. The problem with choosing Veronica, if Irene is right, is one of succession. The comic strip resisted the fateful advance to soap opera with all its adolescent strength and idealism for, what, 67 years, did you say? Adolescence bites the dust when a choice, however regrettable, is finally made. And there are no unregrettable choices. Could the Archie comic strip, coinciding with the adolescence of America, be writing its own obituary? Could this country finally be growing up?



I am so happy you are back on the radio.  Although I no longer live in Connecticut, you can bet I will be turning in online to listen to your new show!


Great Show!

Your first international listener!  (I hope)

Love the show, can't wait to tune in while getting to and from work everyday.



Hooray! I figure we're


I figure we're getting the same amount of actual content in an hour on NPR as we were on the evil commercial station...Good to have you back!  

Did not get a chance to

Did not get a chance to listen this afternoon but I will catch up with the podcast.

Great to have you back on the air and without commercials!

I listened to your first incarnation on the AM station many years ago and then sporadically when you returned with a co-host.  I am looking forward to lots of stimulation conversation.  Best wishes and much success!


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Here's a link that will tell you how to disable the Error Reporting Service:


Glad that you're back on the radio!

-Jay Lapidus, West Hartford

Listener Email from Terry

Great News! Glad your on the air, and we don't have to listen to commercials!  I used to listen to your show all the time, and find you very funny and agree with your point of view on almost everything. 
I am an npr supporter and will be listening.
Good luck with your show.