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CMS: Freemasonry
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Dispelling myths about this secret American institution.



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You know, at the age of 55, I am basically a seething cauldron of prejudices and foregone conclusions.

I've made up my mind about all kinds of subjects. But when it comes to freemasonry, I am sitting on life's 50 yard line. I feel neither protective nor aggressive toward them. I have no reason to distrust them or to trust them. My internal jury is out. My personal weather vane sits becalmed, pointing neither north nor south. My Masonic sundial is shaded toward neither the ...oh never mind. You get the idea.

Today, we'll try to inject a little reality into all the whispers about freemasons, most recently stirred up by author Dan Brown. And then, on our new segment, I'm Supposed to Love It But I Hate It, we'll talk to a woman who doesn't like parades. See, if you're going to be in a parade, the best thing to be is a Shriner, because they have those cool little cars. That ties it all together.

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